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Lakeview Properties - for Wanaka wedding accommodation options

We offer a diverse selection of homes spread across the entirety of the Wanaka region. Whether you seek lodging for yourself and your bridal party to prepare for your momentous day or accommodation choices for guests attending your wedding in town, we have the perfect options for you. Maybe you are choosing to have your honeymoon locally – we have beautiful private accommodation options for you to enjoy a relaxing honeymoon after your big day.

Our range includes homes with stunning views of the lake and mountains, as well as secluded houses nestled away for added privacy. With properties featuring 1 to 5 bedrooms, we cater to various group sizes, accommodating 2 to 10 people comfortably.

All our properties come fully furnished, complete with provided linen, WiFi access, and well-equipped kitchens, ensuring a convenient and enjoyable stay for you and your guests.

See below photos from properties that we manage.

Discover the ideal setting for your special occasion with Lakeview Properties