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Your wedding day is the day you gather friends and family around you to celebrate your love for each other.

The Wanaka Weddings website is a directory of professionals who know how to put on a great wedding in their beautiful region. They want to make your day run smoothly.

Most Romantic Wanaka WeddingsMost Romantic Wanaka Weddings..

Lake Wanaka has been voted in the top ten most romantic places in the world (click to read more) so what nicer place could you choose for your wedding. But if you are not local, the organisation needed for a wedding can be daunting...

Lake view, mountain top, rural or formal Wanaka WeddingsLake view, mountain top, rural or formal weddings..

Wanaka wedding professionals are used to working in more unusual wedding venues - fly to Coromandel peak overlooking Lake Wanaka for your vows, set up a marquee in a rural Wanaka setting or enjoy a luxury Wanaka wedding venue

Large and flamboyant or small and intimate Wanaka  WeddingsLarge and flamboyant or small and intimate weddings..

Listed on the Wanaka Weddings website are skilled people, each in their own field, who together can put on a very memorable day for you and all your guests. For your Lake Wanaka wedding they can cover all bases for you with their expertise and local knowledge.

Successful Wanaka Weddings

Wanaka Weddings can take the stress out of your wedding preparations, so you can enjoy your wedding and know it will be a huge success.

Make your wedding day the best it can be by getting the Wanaka Wedding experts who know how to do it well.

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