What is more important for a bride than the first moment anyone sees their dress? The wedding gown must be pristine and wrinkle free.

Wanaka Pristine Steaming provide a professional steaming service for all types of clothing, specialising in wedding dresses, bridesmaids gowns, ball gowns and suits.

Using our quality equipment and paying particular attention to detail we ensure that your special clothing is perfect for your special occasion.

  • Why choose professional steaming?
    Using a regular steam iron can leave iron marks, water stains and can result in more creases as well. Hanging your dress in your bathroom with a hot shower running just ends up with you having a damp dress and possibility of getting some water drops on your dress.

If you are traveling to Wanaka to celebrate your big day, it is likely your garment could be wrinkled. Let us to prepare your gown before your wedding.

We can be very busy in the wedding seasons so please book your garment/garments as soon as you have your wedding date sorted in order to avoid disappointment.

We also make Personalised dress hangers which are the perfect addition to your beautiful wedding gown and bridesmaids dresses. Get the perfect photograph with these spectacular hangers. It's a treasure not to be missed and a forever keepsake. You can check out our work by browsing through our webpage.

We have a small but beautiful collection of faux fur shawls which you can hire for your big day. Keep warm and look stylish.

Contact us for your Wanaka wedding to ensure that you look the best that you can.

Wanaka Pristine Steaming

Neda Byrne, 021 161 2885
Pristine Steaming for Wanaka Weddings