Wanaka Weddings - for your Wanaka Wedding

Jodie Rainsford loves taking photos of people. It's especially satisfying when she manages to capture the emotion in someone's face so that just one photo can tell a whole story.

She's got a special knack for helping people to feel relaxed in front of the camera, and this shows in the candid, real photos she specialises in taking. Jodie's photography is much like life: fun, built on fleeting but special moments, and not always highly composed!

Jodie adores photographing weddings because there's no other occasion quite the same. For every couple, their wedding is super special, and there aren't many other days where you get to gather all the people you love and who love you in one place. With everyone so happy, and full of joy (and bubbles), weddings are a veritable goldmine of special moments that Jodie will capture so you can treasure and cherish them forever.