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John-Jo Ritson has been filming live events in Wanaka for years and is now offering a cinematic approach to capturing your big day through Flashworks Media.

Using the latest gear we can create beautiful gliding shots that really give a sense of depth and a first person perspective. Moving through the crowd and round the venue we keep the movie dynamic and engaging. No more shaky camcorder videos from uncle Ted!

There are so many elements that take time, money and effort to get just right for a wedding. After the big day, will you remember the details? What about in 5 years? What about in 50? If there was ever a day you need to record this is it!

The way we see it at Flashworks Media it is if two people can fall in love in this crazy mixed up world and love each other enough to stand up in front of all their family and friends to declare their everlasting love for one another, then that, is worth recording!

It is after all a love story…. Let us help you tell YOUR story.

Keep a record of your big day forever, ready to re watch for years to come and share with those unable to attend or who are not yet here…

Here is what Penny had to say:

“During the planning process numerous people had told me it was a good idea to get a professional cinematographer at our wedding. I had considered it off and on and then we finally made the decision to have John-Jo film our day. The entire process was super easy because John-Jo listened and is passionate about what he does.

From the outset I was really excited about what was going to be produced and with good reason. John-Jo is not only passionate and enthusiastic, but is also extremely skilled at what he does.

Thank you John-Jo for your creating an incredible finished product. We look forward to being able to share this with our children and we will treasure it for the rest of our lives.  

You have given us the best wedding gift anyone can ask for”.    – Penny

For more head over to www.FlashworksMedia.com

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